This system includes the most beneficial and economical Evaporative Cooling Humidifiers with the least operation cost for the people who cannot stand for the heat during the summer months with the rising temperatures and moisture.

System Operation: The system operates by sprinkling the water on a pet paper, and evaporating the water and allowing it to mix into the air. This system consists of pet paper, ventilator, circulation water pump and water reservoir. Water pump takes the water from the water reservoir and wets the honeycombs by sprinkling. The fan absorbs the heat and dry air from the outside and humidifies the air passing over the surface of honeycombs, and blows this air into the indoor area. Humidified air passing through pet paper lowers and refreshes the interior temperature. If the evaporative cooling system operates in an outdoor environment, it will be more efficient; on the contrary, it will not be efficient, if it operates in the indoor environment.

Model Hava Miktarı
Hava Gücü
Elektrik Besleme
EnxBoy X Yükseklik
ALSY 5 5000 1,1 220/380V-50 Hz 80X100X80
ALSY 10 10000 2,2 220/380V-50 Hz 100X130X100
ALSY 15 15000 3 220/380V-50 Hz 120X150X120
ALSY 20 20000 3 220/380V-50 Hz 130X160X150
ALSY 25 25000 4 220/380V-50 Hz 150X180X160
ALSY 30 30000 4 220/380V-50 Hz 170X200X180
ALSY 35 35000 5,5 220/380V-50 Hz 170X200X180
ALSY 40 40000 7,5 220/380V-50 Hz 200X220X200
ALSY 50 50000 7,5 220/380V-50 Hz 220X240X220