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CELL  STRUCTURE: ALSAY Air  conditioner power stations  bodies are  produced  from  special aluminium profile and from 40 aluminium profile corner  in 15.000 m3h capacity. 50  aluminium profile and  aluminium corner  are produced as greater than 15.000 m3h capacity air  conditioner power station. Covers and  external sheets are PVS, inner sheets is GALVANIZE or  optionally 304 CHROME and  composed of polyurethane insulation between two sheets  or  optionally rock wool  insulated double-walled panels,  the  cells  are produced as  completely demountable  structure  connected each  other  with  bolts  and   nuts.  Acoustic and   thermal  insulation are  used  to  prevent  the  heat  transfer   and condensation  between  aluminium profile,  cover,  corner and   connection details and   internal environment.  Specially produced sealing gaskets are used for  panels and  carcass joints and  the gaskets are detected without drilling panels. ALSAY  Air Conditioner Power Stations are produced as  modular structure; the inner pressure  of  power station  is reduced minimum and  compatible for  high pressure applications.

FAN CELL: Double inlet,  radial   centrifugal type,   forward  curved,  close winged or   backward curved, statıcally or dynamically balanced fans are used for  ALSAY  Air Conditioner Power Stations.  Electric motor and  fan  are together mounted on  slide  with rubber isolators or  metal isolators preventing the transmission of  the sound and  vibration to cell.  The  cell doors are designed with optional clips, hinged open-close arms, with safety key to stop fan  when opened. Electric  motors  are produced with IP  54 protection class, F insulation class,  and  optionally single  speed or  double speed and  frequency conveyor.

MİXTURE CELL: Air Conditioner Power Stations, the dampers located as  to homogeneously mix  fresh air and  exhaust air are manufactured from aerodynamic  aluminium profile in opposite wing  structure and  from galvanized metal sheet case;  the  wings are  made of   specially covered  aluminium profile,  and   damper  gear  material  are  made of   plastic material and  placed at interior section. The  damper can  be controlled manually or  through the servo motor.

FILTER CELL: In ALSAY Air Conditioner Power Stations, G3 or  G4  type synthetic fibber is placed into filter cell in a “ V” or  zigzag layout as  standard, optionally F5, F7, F9, bag  filters, heap  filters,  carbon filters or  metal filters are used. The  filter frames as  produced from galvanized metal sheet  covered with two-side  galvanized stitch  square wire. The cells   are  produced with  slides to  demount easily.  The   filter  cells   are  sealed,  designed according to  optimum air velocity, intervention covers are available  and  optionally equipped with different pressure process states.

HEATING AND COOLING  CELL: In ALSAY Air Conditioner Power Stations, heating and  cooling coils  copper pipe  with high  heat transfer coefficient and  aluminium finned, and  tick copper pipe  or  steam battery  with seamless steel with drawing –  winding  coil  are  used for   steamed  heating applications. If  requested,  electric heater  can   be  used.  The separators   are  produced from  a  material  obtained  by   extrusion  method  from  special composite  plastic.  Single curved, galvanized hygienic, stainless condensations pan  is located in the cell as  a standard. The  energy of return air might be  benefitted for  the applications requiring a high  rate of  fresh air  to reduce the operating costs. Up to 70% energy efficiency may  be obtained due  to cross-flow, plated heat recovery exchanger according to weather conditions in In ALSAY  Air Conditioner Power Stations. Optionally,  the  twin-coil pumped hydraulic system  and  rotor type heat recovery exchanger can  also  be used.

MOISTENING  CELL: The  moistener types in ALSAY Air Conditioner Power Stations can  be  listed as  in the  following way:  Adiabatic evaporator type:  Centrifugal disc   rotating in  high  speed atomizes the water  and   transmits it  into fogged air,  automatically discharge, no  bacteria that  can  rapidly proliferate  in the water are available  and  maximum hygiene  is  obtained. By   the  sake of  simple  and   economic  running  principle used  in  these moisteners that  can   be runned  all  kinds   of   water,  even   demineralized  water.  Maximum   efficiency can   be   retrieved  with  minimum energy consumption.  Electronic   steamed  type  moistener:   Steam   roller  immersion  electrodes,   steel   distributer   and electronic control module are standard.  Adiabatic steamed type moistener:  Steam roller,  immersion electrodes, stainless steel distributer and  electronic control module are standard. Fountain and  PVC distribution pipes, floater, pump suction filter, PVC drip  holder and  air router are all available.

MUFFLER CELL: In  ALSAY Air Conditioner Power Stations. The  sound absorbing  plaques in  muffer cell  having the features of  the other cells  are specially designed according to  air  flow,  fan  type and  the frequency of  the air  to be absorbed. The  outer frame is made of  galvanized metal sheet  and  the inner section is glass wool  insulated as  plates and  surrounded with half-galvanized metal sheet and  half wire cover.